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Wiley’s Ghostwriting Services- Because Your Ideas Deserves A Voice

Do you have a book that's just stuck in your head, a wealth of creative ideas and life lessons begging to be written? But let's just be honest, can you manage all the other daily grind and the ever-evolving to-do list? That idea of writing a book always gets put to the side.

To fill that void, Wiley's Ghostwriting Services steps in. We think that your thoughts deserve to be heard, have an opportunity to be seen by others and have a lasting effect. Our experienced ghostwriters work with you to turn your unpolished ideas into a polished copy that appeals to your intended readership.

Don't allow your thoughts to remain unheard for long. Give them the voice they deserve with the support of Wiley’s Ghostwriting services.

Get Your Ghostwriting Done In Just 6-Steps

Step 01

Initial Consultation

We begin by getting ourselves with you and your book. Your ideas, target market, and preferred book format are all examined in this free consultation ghost writers for hire. We're going to go over the schedule for your project and deal with any queries you can have.

Step 02

Research and Planning

After learning about your vision, our team gets to work. This involves evaluating your competitors, conducting in-depth research on your subject and developing a detailed outline for your book. Together, we are going to make sure each chapter has a smooth flow and has relevant writing.

Step 03

Writing the First Draft

Your appointed ghostwriter, an experienced specialist in your industry, takes center stage. They can turn your thoughts and expertise into an interesting first draft. This draft preserves your unique voice and expertise while preserving the essence of your book.

Step 04

Feedback and Revisions

Your opinions are very important! We offer a platform so you can examine the document, express your opinions and ask for changes. In close collaboration with you, our ghostwriter makes edits and incorporates ideas to ensure the content is up to your standards.

Step 05

Editing and Proofreading

Our skilled editors bring the written work to the next level. They're going to preserve your writing style while making sure all of your grammar, punctuation and sentence structure are perfect. They also pay close attention to general flow, consistency and clarity, delivering a polished and expertly produced result.

Step 06

Final Approval and Delivery

Once the content meets your every expectation, it's yours! The final written content, prepared for publication, is going to be delivered in the format of your choice. Our committed project manager makes sure everything runs well and keeps you updated regularly.

We Aced Every Genre

Wiley Book Writers

Non-Fiction Writing

Got a story that could lead to a revolution in industry? We design a non-fiction masterpiece out of your skills. Whether you're writing a business manual, self-help manifesto, historical deep dive or innovative study, our ghostwriters are your hidden weapon because they can turn your knowledge into an interesting, inspirational read.

Wiley Book Writers

Memoir Writing

Life is a rock opera that is just waiting to be heard. Our ghostwriters are your confidantes of choice, putting genuine honesty and passion into the writing of your story. They perfectly express the spirit of your adventure, the highs and lows and the lessons discovered, making sure that readers remain fascinated by your tale and eager for more.

Wiley Book Writers

Manuscript Writing

Let our professional ghostwriters connect with you to transform your original thoughts into a well-structured and professional-looking manuscript. We'll handle everything from character development to crafting vivid scene descriptions, ensuring your storyline reaches its full potential.

Wiley Book Writers

Comic Book Writing

The world of comic books is a vivid burst of creativity and narrative. Our ghostwriters can produce stories that keep readers on the edge of their seats since they speak this language well. We are aware of the impact that strong characters and gripping storylines can have when adapted into screenplays that grab audiences.

Wiley Book Writers

Military Fiction Writing

We should immortalize the bravery, honor, and sacrifice of those who serve. Our ghostwriters can authentically portray the spirit of military life since many of them have direct experience or strong ties to the armed forces. They're going to tell riveting stories of courage, strategy and friendship while upholding honor for veterans.

Wiley Book Writers

Fantasy Writing

Go crazy with your creativity! Our ghostwriters are experts at creating a universe. They give epic stories and imaginary creatures' lives. Our authors put your idea into a world that readers are eager to immerse themselves in, whether it is through vast universes with complex magic systems or character-driven novels set in unusual settings.

Wiley Book Writers

Story Writing

Our ghostwriters work together with you to create stories that captivate readers and keep them turning pages. They are masters at developing enduring emotional bonds, creating complex narratives, and producing characters who are impossible to forget. Regardless of the genre of your narrative, we can help you dominate the competition.

Wiley Book Writers


We are grateful to you for sharing your life story. Our ghostwriters are your mentors in creating a compelling autobiography. We're going to assist you in navigating your recollections, awakening feelings and combining your experiences into an engaging story that enlightens and uplifts readers

Wiley Book Writers

Screenplay Writing

The big screen is waiting for you! Our ghostwriters are here to turn your ideas into an engaging script since they have a deep grasp of cinematic storytelling. They convert your idea into a style that directors and producers find convincing, increasing the chance that your story can be presented on a large screen.

Still Wondering How to Start Your Book? Contact Wiley Book Writers Now!

Stop looking at the blank page. The desire to write a book is doable. But the "how" could feel overwhelming. Stop thinking and start writing. Contact Wiley Book Writers right away for affordable ghostwriting services.

Wiley Book Writers

Why Choose Wiley Book Ghostwriters?

The desire to impart your expertise, story or ground-breaking concepts is great. But due to the daily grind and the scary "how-to", making the book you've always wanted to write is frequently put on hold. Wiley Book Ghostwriting services are here to bridge the gap and make your dream a reality.

The team we have is formed by experienced ghostwriters, each with a proven track record of achievement. They are more than simply talented writers, they are experts in their field who understand your profession and are capable of translating it into engaging words. Whether you're a corporate leader writing a thought-provoking guide or a veteran looking to share your experiences in a captivating book, we have the appropriate ghostwriter for the job.

Don't let your ambition of being a published author be left unmet. Our ghostwriting company can help you convey your voice and make an eternal mark in the literary world. Contact us today to take the first step toward becoming a published author!

Enjoy an exciting selection of ghostwritten masterpieces that Wiley Book Writers have brought to life.

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See the Difference A Professional Ghostwriter Can Make!

Have you ever wanted to see your name on a published book, sharing your knowledge and skills with the world, but felt terrified by the thought of looking at an empty page? The writing process can seem daunting, especially when you're managing a hectic schedule and other responsibilities. That's where a ghostwriting company comes in, ready to help you turn your creative concept into a polished work that attracts readers and meets your publication objectives. Firstly, our professional ghostwriters add skill that extends beyond phrase structure. They have a solid understanding of the publishing world, including target demographics, genre expectations and the skill of writing stories that connect. They collaborate with you to fine-tune your concept, ensuring that it matches with market trends and delivers a powerful punch to your ideal readers.

Secondly, a ghostwriter serves as your voice booster. They are going to capture your distinct viewpoint, knowledge and love for your subject through in-depth discussions. They subsequently turn that essence into fascinating text that represents your style and experience, letting your voice show through on every page.

Thirdly, Our professional ghostwriters handle the hard lifting of the writing process, leaving you to focus on your strengths. It doesn't matter if you're a busy business owner with game changing ideas or a professional with an interesting story to tell, our ghostwriters can handle the research part, writing and revisions, which let you offer your valuable information without getting slowed down in the day-to-day writing grind.

Lastly, our professional team of ghostwriters are committed and way too much in writing and can be your partner in your literary journey. A ghostwriter acts as an ear for ideas and partner in refining your vision with an expert guide to get you through the complex world of publishing business. Our ghostwriting company is going to work with you to resolve your problems, include your comments at each stage, and ensure that the final text reflects your vision and voice. This collaborative method not only produces a finished text, but also empowers you along the way. Your understanding of the writing process, editorial feedback loops and the inner workings of the publishing industry is going to improve as a result of their advice and knowledge. This fresh information prepares you for potential success as an author, should you decide to go after solo projects in the future or just offers a better understanding of the complexity of bringing a book to life. So, don't let the blank page stop you. See the difference that a professional ghost writing agency can make in turning your book idea into a published reality!

Real Success, Real Reviews

We keep a track of all the positive reviews we receive from our clients. Here’s how they remember us:


Our ghostwriters have a varied spectrum of skills, including both fiction and nonfiction genres. We have the right writer for any project, from business guides and self-help books to memoirs, fantasy novels and scripts.

We believe in a transparent approach. Following an initial consultation, we assign you a professional ghostwriter who can work with you to grasp your vision, ideas, and intended audience. They conduct interviews, research your topic and write your book, taking into account your input along the way. .

Absolutely! We work under a ghostwriting agreement that explicitly defines ownership. You have the complete rights to the completed manuscript.

The cost of our affordable ghostwriting services varies according to the length and complexity of your project, the genre you select and the amount of editing assistance you require. We provide free consultations to discuss your unique requirements and deliver a personalized price.

We are unable to release whole manuscripts due to client confidentiality agreements. However, we can supply you with writing samples suited to your genre to demonstrate our ghostwriters' professionalism and taste and you can also explore our portfolio.

Our objective is to provide your 100% happiness. We provide a revision procedure to ensure that the final manuscript matches your vision. We're going to work with you to resolve any problems and modify the document until you're satisfied with the end result.

The timetable for your project will be determined by the length and complexity of your book, as well as the amount of engagement you prefer. During the initial meeting, we will discuss realistic deadlines depending on your individual requirements.

Yes. We do provide skilled editing and publishing experts who can help you polish your work and manage the publication process. Explore more for other services.

We welcome you to set up a free consultation with one of our project managers. This is an excellent opportunity to discuss your project in depth, learn more about our ghostwriting process and receive a customized quote.