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Get To Know The Best Fiction Ghostwriting Services

Do you have a great story that you just want to share? Are you full of ideas but not sure how to put them into an organized novel? We at Wiley Book Writers know how intensely you want to turn your creative idea into a masterpiece. We are your partner in the thrilling process of bringing your fiction to life.

We are more than just a writing service. Our experienced fiction writers and editors with a strong passion for narrative make up our team. We have a great deal of experience writing everything from gripping fantasy epics to nail-biting thrillers.

When you join Wiley Book Writers, you have access to expert experience, individualized assistance, and continuous support throughout your writing journey.

Our Affordable Fiction Writing Services Workflow

Step 01

Initial Consultation

We begin by learning about your vision. We fully grasp your story's concept, genre, and intended target audience through in-depth conversations. This assures that our services are customized to your unique requirements.

Step 02

Concept Development & Outlining

Are you feeling confused in the maze of story development? Our specialists collaborate with you to create an engaging story roadmap. Character development, brainstorming meetings and creating an engaging narrative arc are all examples of this.

Step 03

The First Draft

Turn your outline into an engaging narrative! We assist you in turning your thoughts into an organized first draft by providing direction and support.

Step 04

Collaborative Revision

Quality fiction editing services improve even the most outstanding stories. Our skilled editors offer extensive feedback to help you improve the clarity of your writing, the narrative's flow and the grammar.

Step 05

Editing & Proofreading

Presentation is important! We make sure your book complies with industry requirements and design an eye-catching layout to draw in readers and make it free of errors.

Step 06

Final Delivery

Are you prepared to present your work to the world? Printing choices and marketing tactics are among the extra services we provide to help you through the publishing process.

We Work with Every Fiction Genre

Wiley Book Writers


A story with tension, big stakes, and intense action can have readers on the edge of their seats. We work with you to create an exciting storyline full of surprising turns, lovable character and a suspenseful race against the clock.

Wiley Book Writers


Take your readers on amazing journeys filled with magical creatures, legendary creatures, and grand adventures. Our team can help you create a world that is convincing and realistic, develop characters that are engaging and go on remarkable adventures and create magic systems that are interesting.

Wiley Book Writers


A story full of adventure, heroic deeds and secret riches can arouse feelings of amazement and excitement. We assist you in crafting an exciting story with surprising turns, cunning heroes and exotic settings that pique the reader's interest.

Wiley Book Writers


Learn how to create thrills and chills! We help you in creating a tense environment, creating terrifying characters or scenarios and diving into the core of human terror. We make sure your narrative makes an impact, whether it's a horrific monster tale, a psychological thriller or a traditional ghost story.

Wiley Book Writers


Take your readers by surprise with a touching story of love. We assist you in creating believable characters with strong chemistry, managing the difficulties of love and relationships and crafting an emotionally engaging plot for your audience.

Wiley Book Writers


Explore the vast cosmos and the limitless potential found in science fiction! We help you create a universe with modern technology, believable foreign cultures, and gripping stories that defy readers' expectations of the future.

Wiley Book Writers


Put heart-pounding action moments in your story! We work with you to create amazing pursuit scenes, grand battles and high-stakes encounters that are sure to attract readers.

Wiley Book Writers


Grab hold of a gripping mystery book to uncover the truth. We guide you in creating a challenging riddle with enticing hints, a crafty rival, and a keen investigator driven to solve the case.

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Historical Fiction

Save historical events with a well-researched, dramatic tale. We work with you to ensure historical authenticity while crafting an engrossing story that takes readers to a different era.

Don’t Be A One-Hit Wonder- Write Your Legacy With Us!

Every writer hopes to attract readers with a story that endures the test of time. Yet, achieving long-term success can be difficult. We are here to help you write your legacy. Contact us now!

Wiley Book Writers

Why Do You Need Professional Fiction Writing Help?

It's thrilling to go from a fascinating concept to a published novel, but there can be unexpected challenges along the way. Aspiring writers frequently struggle with writer's block, fail to create a compelling story or are ignorant of the details involved in the publication process.

A professional writing partner such as Wiley Book Writers can help with that. We fill the gap between your undeveloped ability and a polished, final book that stands out in the tough publication industry.

Our team of skilled fiction writers and editors can improve your work and boost your chances of success with their essential knowledge. We offer the direction, support and fair criticism you require to turn your undeveloped work into a polished novel that makes a lasting impression.

Wiley Book Writers are incredibly proud of the accomplishments that our brilliant writers have achieved. A brief overview of the incredible books we've assisted in bringing to life can be found in our gallery showcase.

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Why Does Your Fiction Need An Expert Hook?

Have you ever started reading a book and after a few pages, found yourself skipping paragraphs or putting it down entirely? Most likely, the article lacked a strong hook.Your fiction's introduction is similar to a handshake. You have to leave a lasting impression on the reader as it's your initial impression. A well-crafted hook draws the reader from the opening line, pulling them into your story and making them want to know what happens next.

Our top-rated fiction writing company provides the benefit of drawing attention in a busy market. Readers have a ton of options in the crowded market of today. A compelling hook draws readers in and convinces them to spend time in your universe. Setting the tone and pace after that is also crucial. An effective hook sets the mood and ambiance for your tale. An exciting thriller or a charming fantasy, the start establishes the tone for the experience that comes next. When writing fiction, it's important to set the scene and catch readers' interest. A strong hook builds suspense and raises the stakes by introducing conflict or mystery. The character's position draws readers in, and they are curious to see how it resolves. Creating voices and characters can assist you reveal the voice and character of your lead. A great hook draws readers in and helps them identify with the character.

This is the reason it's critical to build a strong hook. In what way then do our expert fiction manuscript services craft an expert hook? These are some of the skills they use to write your fiction hits. They immediately throw the reader into the action at the beginning of the story. Is there a dragon chasing your character? Have you had to make a life-or-death choice? Start with the action and let the reader fill in the background. In the first few sentences, our experts create curiosity and plant the seeds of mystery and suspense. An interesting revelation, a hint of something to come or a confusing message can all grab the reader's attention.

Vibrant language and sensory elements are used to create a vivid setting that helps the reader visualize it. Take them on a sensory adventure that includes sights, sounds, smells, and feelings. They finally leave the reader with unsolved issues and raise new ones. What took place? What puts this character at risk? From whom are they fleeing? The reader is encouraged to read on in order to find the answers to these questions. These elements can assist you create an appealing story that draws readers in and creates the foundation for a great book.

Happy Clients, Happy Us

Our clients from a broad range of genres put their trust in us and we never disappoint them.


Get answers to common questions about our book publishing services, pricing, and process.

A professional writer can help you in developing and composing your fictional narrative concept under the fiction ghostwriting service, but you continue to get authorship credit.

A lot of people employ ghostwriters! Ghostwriting services are used by celebrities, busy professionals, those with brilliant narrative ideas but no writing skills and people who wish to refine their work.

Ghostwriters usually have expertise writing in a variety of genres, including historical fiction, thrillers, romance, and fantasy.

The first step in the process is a consultation to talk about your idea. Next, narrative, characters, and writing style are worked together. With your feedback, the ghost writer writes the manuscript, and changes are made until you are satisfied.

Indeed! You retain all ownership rights to the finished document when you collaborate with a ghostwriter.

The length, intricacy, and skill level of the ghostwriter all affect the cost. Usually, during the initial appointment, charges are discussed.

Look for writers that have a solid portfolio and who specialize in the genre you want. Credible ghostwriting services can also put you in touch with skilled authors.

Although publication cannot be assured by ghostwriters, for the publication process contact us or get a quote by our experts.

Of course! Ghostwriters are helpful associates who can help your narrative come to life. It's typical practice in the publishing industry.