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Meet the Brains Behind Our Professional Book Publishing Services

We are an exciting bunch of industry veterans who are passionate about what they do. At Wiley, we think that our enthusiastic team is the main source of our success. Get rid of faceless companies and deal directly with a committed team that is committed to assisting you in reaching your publishing objectives.

Our ghostwriters are storytellers with a talent for expressing your voice. They are more than just skilled writers. They are going to work closely with you to turn your concepts into engaging stories that appeal to readers. Meanwhile, our editors take great care to ensure that everything flows smoothly and clearly. They make sure there are no mistakes or unclear passages in your writing and that it flows with strength and clarity. We can enable you to become a published author because of this powerful combination of our book publishing services experience and teamwork.

Get Your Book Publishing Done In Just 6-Steps

Wiley Book Writers

Manuscript Editing
& Polishing

Our careful editors are more than simply experts in punctuation and grammar. They make sure your writing is fluid, your arguments are convincing and your message has a strong impact. Your work is going to be polished and is ready to grab readers' interest on the first page.

Wiley Book Writers

Custom Design
& Formatting

The key to drawing in attention is having a visually appealing cover and professional layout. Together, we can develop a cover that captures the essence of your book and make sure your copy complies with industry requirements.

Wiley Book Writers

Building Your
Author Platform

There is more to becoming published as an author than just a book. We can assist you in creating an online identity and gaining a devoted fan base. We accompany you every step of the way, from creating an engaging author bio to using social media.

Wiley Book Writers

Launch &

It is crucial to generate a buzz about your book. We are going to generate a well-thought-out launch strategy and marketing campaign to build excitement and get your book in front of the appropriate audience. Get comfortable as we ready to launch you into the literary limelight!

Wiley Book Writers

& Sales

It's critical to reach your target audience. But we can distribute your book to major internet merchants, bookshops, and libraries. Whether you decide to self-publish or go through traditional publishing, we're going to make sure that everyone can read your book.

Wiley Book Writers


After your book is published, our adventure doesn't end. We provide continuing assistance with things like author events, book reviews and even the research of possible spin-offs or sequels.

Services That We Offer For Book Publishing

We offer a wide range of services to assist you along the course of your publishing operations.

Wiley Book Writers

Trade Publishing

Do you have a dream to see your book being on a bookshelf? Our team has extensive knowledge and relationships in the traditional publishing sector. We're going to create a strong proposal that highlights the value proposition of your work and help you submit it.

Wiley Book Writers

Academic Publishing

Are you waiting to share your amazing study with the world? We are aware of the difficulties involved with scholarly publication. Our team of experts are going to carefully prepare your work in accordance with style manuals and bring you in touch with respectable academic presses that are relevant to your field of study.

Wiley Book Writers

Educational Publishing

We're going to guide you through the process of developing your ideas into excellent educational materials, whether you have a children's book that is just waiting to be published or an educational workbook that makes learning engaging and enjoyable or an instructive textbook that simplifies complicated subjects. Our group is aware of the value of writing in an interesting and age-appropriate manner.

Wiley Book Writers

eBook Publishing

Reaching a worldwide audience has become simpler due to the digital revolution. With our professional eBook conversion services, your book will appear fully compatible with popular e-commerce sites such as Kindle Direct Publishing and Apple Books. This maximizes your potential effect by enabling your book to transcend national boundaries and engage readers worldwide.

Wiley Book Writers

Print-on-Demand Publishing

Let's just appreciate the flexibility and affordability of print-on-demand publishing. You can get away with the necessity for upfront printing expenses by using this trendy method. Your book won't be printed until a reader puts an order, so you won't have to worry about having too much extra inventory and it will always be available.

Wiley Book Writers

Vanity Publishing

Thinking about self-publishing? Yet cautious of the risks connected to vanity presses? We provide guided self-publishing services so you are able to have total creative control over the format and content of your book. You get a cut of the sales while we give you the crucial assistance and knowledge required to publish your book with satisfaction, everything from distribution and marketing to editing and formatting.

Wiley Book Writers

Author-assisted publishing

The control and support offered by this hybrid model are balanced. You can focus on creating and polishing the story while we take care of the technical parts of editing, formatting and book promotion. You still have creative control over your work and you get a cut of the profits sold from your books.

Wiley Book Writers

Cooperative publishing

We offer the cooperative publishing approach to authors looking for a collaborative publishing experience. You can split the expenses and dangers of publishing with other writers by using this strategy. We are going to manage the procedure, making sure that everyone has an easy time being published.

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Keep your book publishing dream alive and kicking. Publish your thoughts as real things. Get in touch with Wiley Book Writers and let our team of experts help you to publish your book on amazon or publish your book on kindle. Get a free consultation today.

Wiley Book Writers

Why Partner With Wiley's Book Publishing Experts?

Choosing Wiley's book publishing services means choosing a collaborator committed to raising your profile in the literary community. Having decades of experience in the field, we provide customized solutions that improve the quality and marketability of your written material. Our creative layouts and precise editing make sure your book appears out for all the right reasons. We see you as a valued author whose vision is something we are enthusiastic about understanding, not just a customer, thanks to our collaborative approach.

Put your trust in Wiley's to handle the complex aspects of publishing, leaving you to concentrate on what really counts and that's writing your next big chapter. Ready to boost the impact of your book? Partner with Wiley's Book Publishing Services to take your writing career to new heights with

  • Assurance of Quality
  • Tailored Expertise
  • Creative Design
  • Worldwide Reach
  • Marketing Assistance

Enjoy an exciting selection of published masterpieces that Wiley Book Writers have brought to life.

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Why Wiley Book Writers Can be Your Publishing Ally

Confused and not sure what to do next? Ditch the basic book publishing companies and get started with Wiley Book Writers. Wiley’s serves as your reliable guide, letting you confidently navigate the publishing industry. We are committed to becoming your partner on this thrilling journey because we understand the deep passion you have to tell your story.

At Wiley Book Writers, our team has years of experience in many facets of the publishing industry. We have the tools to support your literary journey, whether you're an experienced writer with a nearly finished book or a beginner with a ton of creative ideas. Our skilled editors are going to carefully edit your work to make sure your voice is heard clearly and that readers are going to be hooked by your story. Our developmental coaches collaborate closely with you to generate ideas that can captivate readers, bolster your characters and build a narrative that will keep them turning pages. We publish every kind of genre from fiction to nonfiction to children’s stories. As a children's book publisher, our mission is to foster young readers' imaginations.

Yet, our knowledge extends beyond the piece of paper. We guide you through the constantly changing publishing landscape by serving as your compass. Concerned about the differences between self-publishing and traditional publishing? We analyze the choices and provide sound advice on query letters, book proposals, and submissions to agents. Planning to self-publish? We will help you format the content, create an attractive cover and turn it into an interesting eBook.

Eventually, Wiley Book Writers goes above by serving as your marketing consultant. We recognize how critical it is to connect with your target market and expand the book's audience. We are going to collaborate with you to create a marketing strategy that is relevant to your book, provide original ideas for promotions and provide you with the resources you need to establish connections with bloggers, reviewers and social media influencers. Additionally, we offer you advice on how to use social networking apps to engage with new readers and develop a devoted following. In the end, we're more than simply a service provider. We're your devoted publishers, committed to getting your story in front of interested people. The publication path won't be something you have to do alone if Wiley Book Writers is on your side. Envision a network of experts who are going to guide you at every turn, providing support and encouragement. We acknowledge and appreciate all of your accomplishments, no matter how great or little and offer support when you face obstacles. We can work together to make your love of storytelling a published reality. Join forces with Wiley Book Writers right now, and let's go on this thrilling journey together!

Real Success, Real Reviews

Our clients from a broad range of genres put their trust in us and we never disappoint them.


Get answers to common questions about our book publishing services, pricing, and process.

Traditional publishing and self publishing are the two primary avenues. Getting representation from a literary agency and signing a contract with a publishing firm are requirements for traditional publication. They take care of distribution, marketing, and editing. You have total control over your book when you self-publish, but you have to handle every part of it yourself (editing, design, marketing, etc.).

An agency can assist you with contract negotiations, navigating the traditional publishing landscape and setting you up with editors. It's not always required, though. Although there is usually a lower success rate when you directly approach publications.

There are differences in the timeframe. If you're well-prepared, self-publishing can happen more quickly than traditional publication, which can take up to 1-2 years.

For authors who are self-published or who write traditionally, marketing is essential. Creating an author platform with a website and social media accounts, getting book reviews, launching marketing campaigns and going to book events are some of the options.

The portion of the book's sales price that goes toward the author's royalties. Self-published books usually have greater royalties but it's difficult to sell enough of them to turn a profit.

An International Standard Book Number, or ISBN, is a special code that only your book can possess. It's not technically required for self-publishing, but it's useful for monitoring sales and distribution.

Your written work is usually immediately protected by copyright at the time it is created. For further legal protection, register your copyright with the U.S. Copyright Office.

For aspiring writers, there are plenty of internet tools, writing groups, and seminars at their disposal. One such resource that provides direction and help throughout the publication path is Wiley Book Writers.

The publication distribution affects the costs. The majority of costs are usually covered by traditional publishing, although royalties aren't as large. Although the initial costs of self-publishing can be lower because you will be responsible for the editing, design, and marketing.