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Who We Are? Your Trusted Audiobook Services Provider

Wiley Book Writers is your go-to partner for creating amazing audiobooks that turn your written works into exciting new formats. We are more than just an audiobook production company. Our team of experienced professionals is ready to help you through every stage of the audiobook development process.

We are driven by a passion for storytelling and a commitment to perfection.We are aware of how audiobook services can help authors reach a larger audience and improve the quality of their writing. For this reason, we apply the most advanced technology and skilled audiobook narrators in the business to ensure that your audiobook sounds as polished and official as your written text.

We take an intensive approach to this process. You can be confident that your audiobook is going to be a useful match to your publishing journey when Wiley book writers are on your side.

How We Execute Our Audiobooks Process

Step 01

Consultation and Planning

We start by learning about your book and your goals for the audiobook. Our team of experts talk over your objectives, respond to any inquiries and create a production schedule that is precisely right for you.

Step 02

Development and Review

We carefully arrange your work for narration, including chapter markers and script formatting for the best possible listening experience. The script is going to be sent to you for inspection and approval before it is finalized.

Step 03

Narration and Recording

The ideal narrator is chosen by our skilled recruiting staff to perfectly convey the spirit of your book. Professional studios are used for recording, ensuring crystal-clear sound quality.

Step 04

Editing and Post-Production

Our careful editors polish the tapes, removing mistakes and ensuring seamless edits. Then, in order to improve the listening experience, we include music and sound effects.

Step 05

Quality Assurance and Testing

We thoroughly test the finished audiobook on a range of gadgets to guarantee a perfect listening experience on all of them.

Step 06

Delivery and Distribution

After it's accepted, we provide your excellent audiobook file and take care of distributing it to all the major audiobook sites so that as many people as possible can hear it.

Genres We Have Mastered

Wiley Book Writers

Audiobook Writing

Not every written piece sounds great on audio. For the best possible listening engagement, our skilled narrators can modify your content or create fresh audiobook scripts.

Wiley Book Writers

Audiobook Cover Design

A compelling cover image is essential for drawing attention on audiobook platforms. Professional covers that capture the tone and genre of your book are made by our design team.

Wiley Book Writers

Audiobook Trailer Production

Create excitement for your audiobook by creating a visually appealing trailer. We assist you in crafting a brief, engaging audio or video clip that captures the attention of viewers.

Wiley Book Writers

Audiobook Narration

It's crucial to choose the ideal voice for your story. We collaborate with a skilled group of narrators to find the best fit for the genre, tone and characters of your book.

Wiley Book Writers

Audiobook Sound Effects Integration

Your audiobook can gain depth and atmosphere by incorporating subtle sound effects. Our crew expertly incorporates sound effects to improve the auditory experience without becoming overwhelming.

Wiley Book Writers

Audiobook Marketing

Keep your audiobook visible among the masses. We provide marketing assistance to help you advertise your audiobook on several channels and connect with your target audience.

Listen Up! Get Your Free Audiobook Consultation With Wiley Book Writers

Is your story begging to be heard? Pay Attention! Get your manuscript turned into an engaging audiobook experience with our hire expert audiobook narrator. Contact Wiley Book Writers for a Free Audiobook Consultation.

Wiley Book Writers

Experience The Difference With WIley Book Writers Audiobook Services

Different firms produce different audiobooks. We do more than just convert your written work to audio. Our all-inclusive, author-focused approach ensures that your audiobook reaches its maximum potential.

Our staff is made up of enthusiastic experts in audiobooks. We have casting directors who carefully choose the ideal narrator and editors who fine-tune every aspect for a perfect listening experience. We produce top-notch audiobooks that captivate listeners and capture the spirit of your story by utilizing modern technology and industry best practices.

We are unique, though, because we are dedicated to your success. From the first consultation to the distribution phase, we offer continuous support. Let us assist you in realizing your audiobook idea and reaching a larger audience with our high quality audiobook services.

Enjoy an exciting selection of audiobooks that Wiley Book Writers have brought to life.

Limited Reach? Make Your Audiobook Speak!
Are you stuck with a small reach? Keep your story alive and vibrant! Our expert audiobook
narration services can help you make your audiobook speak for itself and connect with a new audience.

Let’s Turn Pages into Playlists

Imagine your story being given to life in an engaging audiobook, rather than just on paper. We at Wiley Book Writers are here to assist you in realizing the potential of audiobooks because we really believe in its power. Forget the limitations of the written word. Our all-inclusive audiobook production services can turn your written work into a captivating playlist that's sure to fascinate listeners while they're on the go. Let them hear the voices of your characters come to life, experience the sound effects that take them to imaginative places and sense the emotional depth of your story that is amplified by an excellent narration.

This is how playlists are created from pages. First, we begin with a skilled narrator, and then our casting directors carefully choose the ideal narrator to capture the essence of your story. They find a voice that connects with your target audience and pulls listeners further into your universe thanks to their deep awareness of genre, pacing, and character representation. Following professional narration, we carefully edit and produce the recordings, making sure that all transitions are seamless and free of faults. Modern technology is used to provide crystal-clear audio quality, assuring that each word and detail can be heard with impact and clarity. Now for the listening experience, our sound design team goes above the simple narration to produce a fully immersive soundscape.

You can add a new layer and feel for your surroundings and characters by incorporating minor sound effects and music. Imagine the heart-pounding tension of a chase, the calm lapping of waves on a beach or the busy activity of a city street scene, all given life by the effective use of sound design. Finally, we take advantage of our marketing and distribution resources. We do more than just produce stunning audiobooks. We aid you in making it known! Our team is going to take care of distributing your audiobook to prominent platforms, so you can reach a global audience and attract potential listeners. Additionally, we provide marketing assistance to help you publicize and create buzz around the release of your audiobook.

Why pick Writers at Wiley? Our group has plenty of audiobook industry experience. We are aware of the complexities involved in producing audiobooks, from casting and script preparation to editing, mastering, and distribution. This in-depth expertise ensures that your audiobook is produced to the highest levels of quality, with the greatest care and attention to detail. We think it's important to build solid relationships with our writers. We give you the chance to provide feedback, constant assistance and open contact during the entire production process. Our top goal is realizing your vision and we're committed to going above your expectations in producing an audiobook version of your story.

Ready to turn your pages into a captivating playlist with the best audiobook company?

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Get answers to common questions about our book publishing services, pricing, and process.

Definitely! From self-help and children's books to fiction and non-fiction, we specialize in a variety of topics.

No issue at all! We are still able to talk about your audiobook project and get you a quote based on the approximate number of words.

Absolutely! For the best possible listening engagement, our team can modify your content or create fresh audiobook scripts.

Wide range of skilled narrators is available to you depending on the genre and style of your book. You can also request a certain narrator for an extra charge.

We take care of marketing assistance and distribution to bring potential listeners to your audiobook. Additionally, you continue to get royalties from each sale of audiobooks.

It's simple! Send us a message to schedule a free consultation. We talk about your audiobook objectives and address any queries that you can have.

A big portion of the sales price you receive each time an audiobook is downloaded or bought is known as royalties.

Definitely! Before making a purchase, you can listen to sample clips on several audiobook sites to get a feel for the narrator's voice and style.

To assist you in reaching your target audience and creating buzz for the release of your audiobook, we provide marketing assistance services.