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Meet Our Team Behind Children’s Book Writing Services

Do you have a story that is just ready to be your beloved nighttime read aloud? At Wiley Book Writers, we are aware of the influence that writing a children's story has. They stimulate interest, arouse their imaginations,and produce lasting recollections. Our team of enthusiastic writers is a colorful tapestry, each with their own voice and a great enthusiasm for telling tales that appeal to young readers. Our writers' backgrounds are varied and we each bring a range of experiences and viewpoints to the table. We come prepared with the knowledge and passion to turn your vague idea into an engaging story, whether it be through funny rhymes or touching tales. We collaborate closely with you throughout the process because we know the power of teamwork and we make sure your idea happens in a way that appeals to young minds.

Get Your Children Book Writing Done In Just 8-Steps

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Create kid-friendly characters

The magic starts right here! Together, we come up with ideas for charming characters that kids will love. Imagine them as likable eccentrics with unique personalities and a touch of something special that makes them pop off the page.

Wiley Book Writers

Think graphically

Even though words have great power, pictures are essential for grabbing a child's attention. We're going to help you with visualizing the world you're creating, ensuring that it is vibrant, full of action and filled with details that grab readers' interest.

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We're going to do any necessary study on any specialized subjects before composing your tale in full. Next, together, we will put together an in-depth outline that serves as a road map for the journey of your book.

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Thorough Research & Draft Outline

The exciting part is about to begin! Your creative spark is going to be refined into fascinating, children-friendly text by us. Our team will make sure your tale flows like a dream and incorporate educational components without coming off as preachy.

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Revise and Edit

Every masterpiece needs a little honing and polishing! Your piece of writing is going to be carefully revised and edited by us to ensure that it is crystal clear, consistent and has that extra magical touch.

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Producing Content Based On Your Ideas

No book is complete without a keen eye to see those bothersome typos and grammatical errors. Your work gets a final polish from us to make sure it is perfect and ready for the spotlight.

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Designing, Typesetting & Formatting

This is where the magical visuals in your story come from! We're going to work with our gifted illustrators to create breathtaking artwork which will breathe life into your characters and setting. Also, we also take care of the formatting and typography so your book looks great and is simple enough for young readers to understand.

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Book Publishing, Branding & Marketing

Are you ready for the world to engage with your fantastic book? To bring your book in front of interested readers, we assist you with navigating the publishing industry, creating an appealing identity for your story and investigating marketing opportunities.

Do You Want to Put Your Children's Book on the Shelves? Let's Make it Happen!

Together, let's make writing children's books a reality! Are you ready to begin? For a free consultation and to learn how Wiley Book Writers can help you achieve your ambition, get in touch with us now!

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Services That We Offer For Children Book Writing

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Illustration Services

Your characters and universe can be turned from words on a paper into vivid pictures by our exceptional artists. We are going to work closely with you to produce graphics that properly reflect the heart of your story and spark children's imaginations, whether they are playful illustrations or complex vistas.

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Editing and Proofreading

A sharp eye can improve even the most spectacular narrative. Your work is going to be carefully revised and edited by our skilled editors, who ensure clarity, consistency and a polished, eye-catching final draft. Along with proofreading, we also ensure that there are no typos or grammatical issues and that readability is error-free.

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Audiobook Production

Producing an audiobook could inject fresh life into your narrative! We work with talented voice actors and sound designers to produce a captivating audiobook that kids are going to enjoy listening to. Imagine the look of excitement on their faces when they hear your narrative come to life with expert narration and sound effects!

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Translation and Localization

Is there a chance that the world might be moved by your story? To make sure that children of many languages and cultures can enjoy your book, we provide translation and localization services. This enables you to highlight the beauty of variety in children's books and spread your message to a larger audience.

Wiley Book Writers

Educational Resources and Workshops

At Wiley Book Writers, empowering young minds is one of our key values. We provide workshops and instructional materials specifically designed for children's book authors. You can boost your skills, pick up new tricks and get insightful knowledge about the world of children's books with the aid of these tools.

Wiley Book Writers

Marketing and Promotion

Now that your book has been out, it's time to distribute it to interested readers! We provide marketing and promotion services to assist you in creating excitement around your book. It could involve reaching out to bloggers and reviewers, creating an author website and running social media campaigns.

Wiley Book Writers

Book Reviews

Looking for helpful feedback on your manuscript? We can put you in touch with experienced reviewers who can offer interesting and helpful critiques to help you polish your work. In order to polish your work and make sure it appeals to your target audience, this could represent a very important stage.

Wiley Book Writers

Printing Services

Take hold of your completed book! We provide printing services to turn your electronic document into a gorgeous hardcover book. This gives you the opportunity to share your work with loved ones in a tangible manner and see it come to life.

Wiley Book Writers

Writing consultation and guidance

Do you have a brilliant story concept but need assistance putting it on paper? Our professional writing experts can give helpful advice at any point during the writing process. They're going to provide you with constructive criticism on your storyline, characters, and writing style, enabling you to create an engaging children's book.

Why Choose Wiley's Children's Book Writing Services?

Do you have a dream where your name appears on a book cover with vibrant colors, surrounded by the imaginative animals and fascinating worlds that make up a child's book collection? We know the magic that writing children's books possess here at Wiley's writing children's stories Services. However, the journey from a brilliant concept to a published masterpiece can be complex and difficult.

That's when our expert team of authors and publishing experts enters the picture! We provide an extensive range of services aimed at helping you to succeed in your writing children's stories efforts. We are your reliable partner every step of the way, from developing a playful story and memorable characters to navigating the publishing market and locating the perfect audience.

We think teamwork has great power. Our children book writers for hire collaborate closely with you to make sure your idea becomes a reality, fusing your special voice with our expertise to produce a children's book that makes readers happy, captures their curiosity and has a profound effect on young minds.

Enjoy an exciting selection of written masterpieces that Wiley Book Writers have brought to life.

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Why Wiley Book Writers Are The Best Choice for Your Journey!

Do you have a story that's just ready to be your beloved nighttime read aloud? Do you see your name on a vibrantly colored cover, tucked in with imaginative animals and worlds that excite a child's curiosity? At Wiley Book Writers, our children's book writer is aware of the magic that children's books can have. They serve as the foundation for developing brains, fostering curiosity, inspiring a love of language and forming enduring memories that have the power to influence a child's worldview. They have the ability to take young readers to imaginary places, expose them to different cultures, viewpoints, while teaching lessons about friendship, love, and tenacity. Imagine the delight of knowing that your tale could end up included in this priceless custom, one that will be read aloud and over again, inspiring amazement and smiles in many young readers for years to come. This is the legacy you can leave with Wiley Book Writers as a partner.

However, the journey from an intriguing concept to a published masterpiece might seem difficult. On this amazing journey, Wiley’s children's book writer is here to be your reliable companion. We are the greatest option for your kids book writing for a number of reasons. First off, our team is made up of a diverse group of enthusiastic writers that have an extensive knowledge of the children's book industry along with a profound love of storytelling. Together, we are going to develop an engaging storyline that is aimed at appealing young readers. This involves carefully including language that is appropriate for their age, touching themes and lively aspects that will keep children laughing and interested from the first page.

We truly think that a well-written story is best served by visually striking imagery. For this reason, we partner with a network of gifted artists that can create breathtaking artwork to bring your world and characters to life. Young readers are going to completely engage with your story and characters thanks to these images, which will result in an incredibly immersive experience.Your personal voice is important because this is your tale! We'll work together with you to understand your idea at every stage of the process. Professional advice can ensure that your tale has significance and clarity.

Our children's book writer is not only interested in writing a novel. We provide a wide range of services to ensure you are prepared for each stage of the book-writing process. We can be by your side to help you turn your idea into a published reality, from first-rate editing and careful proofreading to smart publishing counsel. Are you ready to start this amazing journey? Give Wiley Book Writers a call now to schedule a free consultation! Together, we have the potential to turn your children's book idea into a beloved classic that will awe and delight future generations.

Real Success, Real Reviews

Our clients from a broad range of genres put their trust in us and we never disappoint them.


Get answers to common questions about our book editing services, pricing, and process.

Both seasoned and prospective writers of children's books are welcome at Wiley. The most crucial elements are a compelling narrative, well-written prose, and an extensive understanding of your intended readership.

From picture books for young children to chapter books for middle schoolers, Wiley offers an extensive selection of children's books. We are in search of narratives that are both instructive and enjoyable.

Chapter book manuscripts can be as long as 20,000–50,000 words, although picture book manuscripts usually fall between 300 and 1000 words.

No, you can send your book to Wiley without an agency. Direct contributions from writers are accepted.

  1. Create a compelling idea.
  2. Recognize your objective
  3. Make use of colorful language
  4. Take your time telling your tale.
  5. Analyze the illustrations.

Please visit the writer's guidelines for children's books section of our website for comprehensive instructions on submitting a manuscript or get in touch with us for a free quote.

The length of the editorial review process varies from a few weeks to many months. Depending on the length of your work.

You will collaborate with a Wiley editor to further develop your book if your submission is accepted. This could involve completing the book design, creating the artwork and rewriting the narrative.

Children's books have different royalty rates based on the format, sales price, and print run, among other variables. Our author contract contains further information on royalties.